Training support

We naturally provide our customers and their staff with training programs dedicated to the use of the components in the new high voltage test system once it is set up and running. New owners of a HIGHVOLT system receive after-sales support for their high voltage test system that extends beyond commissioning of the system. For example, customers may find it necessary to conduct a basic training course again if they have undergone changes in test bay personnel.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  1. Basic skills, configuration and operation of the high voltage generator

  2. Usage of common high voltage measurement technology, for example, for PD and loss factor measurements or impulse voltage and impulse current measurements

  3. Usage of low voltage measurement technology, for example, for resistance measurements and ratio measurements

  4. Support services for your first-time tests

  5. Maintenance and troubleshooting on high voltage systems and their measurement equipment

  6. Training courses related to the basics in high voltage technology, standardization, or other specific topics.

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