Digitalization and Globalization

Advancing globalization – and with it the ever-closer networking of different countries all with their own individual requirements – is both a challenge and an opportunity at the same time. Working closely together, international partners can design energy systems of the future to be more compatible and therefore more efficient. This is important because, among other things, the transformation of our energy supply setup will lead to volatile load flows and will therefore require increased monitoring and maintenance. The digital products and solutions from HIGHVOLT are a key element in our efforts to find solutions to these challenges. They simplify installation, operation and maintenance of testing systems at the manufacturers of critical components for energy supply companies and grid operators all around the world and thus increase availability of these components. Only through digitalization and its associated opportunities, for example online status assessments for existing and new assets or remote support capabilities, will it be possible for various important new features and technical options to become reality in our energy supply systems.

Comprehensive support package for test systems

Take system control and condition assessments of the test system to the next level with the special algorithms of the new HiCOS® Basic+ control system. This makes remote maintenance even easier.

Getting the job done remotely!

During the pandemic, it was difficult to carry out factory acceptance tests, so HIGHVOLT responded to this by developing its video factory acceptance test approach. Ever since, digital factory acceptance inspections via video conferencing have been an integral part of order processing.

“The digitalization of power grids demands comprehensive security measures.”

In our interview, Dr. Stephan Beirer from the information security company GAI NetConsult explains why cyber security concerns need to be at the heart of considerations for all aspects of power grids.

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