Measurands capacitance and dissipation factor

The determination of the capacitance and dissipation factor of a capacitor is just as important in high-voltage technology as it is in electronics. Whereas the capacitance is the main property of the capacitor, the dissipation factor is, in turn, a measure of the deviation from ideal capacitor properties.

The calibration of capacitance and dissipation factor is performed using:

  • Standards for capacitance
  • Measuring bridges.

The masurement of the capacitance and dissipation factor is provided not only on capacitors or reference capacitors but also on other electrotechnical components:

  • high voltage cables
  • transformers
  • high voltage capacitors

Calibration method

The calibration of the capacitor and determination of its dissipation factor is carried out by using a capacitance measuring bridge. In this measurement the reference capacitor and capacitance measuring bridge are traceable calibrated standards.

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