Solutions for Utilities

The goal of permanently supplying consumers with energy from renewable or regenerative sources is ambitious, but at the same time it encourages a pioneering spirit and inventiveness. One challenge of the energy transition in the electricity sector is to ensure the security of energy supply at all times of the day and night, in summer and winter. To support this goal, HIGHVOLT has developed HiMON® in cooperation with various universities. HiMON® is a modular measurement and condition assessment system for the fast localization of cable faults and the assessment of partial discharges. It supports utilities in locating faults in cables and joints and evaluating the condition of the cable as well as identifying trends.

High voltage on wheels

AC tests are performed to test operating equipment like transformers for potential defects. For the Australian electricity distribution company Ausgrid, HIGHVOLT has loaded all the technology required for this on the back of a truck. A real first!

Reliable cables all the way from the North Sea to the top of the Alps

Electricity from renewable energy sources needs to be transported over long distances. HiMON® ensures that this happens with minimal losses and errors.

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