Accreditation scope

Accreditation scope and best measurement capabilities

The accreditation scope offers a complete listing of accredited measurands of the calibration laboratory D-K-19153-01-00 of HIGHVOLT. Here you can get all details of the accredited measurands, the smallest measurement uncertainty that can be stated and the scope of validity.

Accreditation scope

The term high voltage is used in two different ways in our field:

High voltage as the measurand.

Here, the form and magnitude of the electric voltage are calibrated. The objects under calibration are either the entire measuring system or just the voltage dividers for measurement of the DC voltage, AC voltage and impulse voltage. The AC power also belongs in this category.

High voltage as a condition.

The condition under which the measurement of the main measurand is to be performed. The objects under calibration are, for example, the measuring systems and the components of the capacitance measurement or impulse current measurement.

Measurand power

Measurand voltage

Measurand impulse current

Measurand capacitance and dissipation factor

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