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As a student at HIGHVOLT, you will contribute to sustainably securing the power supply for private households and industry. Drive future topics such as supply, digitalization and automation forward with us and work on upgrading existing technologies and plants of our customers as well as on innovative new developments for a sustainable energy future. What you should bring with you? Curiosity, drive and the desire to make an important contribution to society. We offer you a wide range of opportunities and support you in your professional and personal development on an equal footing. With an open and supportive corporate culture, we will ensure that you are quickly integrated into the various divisions of the company. Find out more about our wide range of career fields, specialist areas and technologies, as well as entry-level opportunities such as internships, vacation work, student traineeships and theses.

Your options for getting started as a student

A good basis for your future.
Cool city, good studies, nice people. The only thing missing to make your studies unforgettable is an inspiring internship.
Build your professional future on practical experience at HIGHVOLT. With us, you will not only gain insights into a wide range of disciplines and can prove your knowledge from your studies, but we will rather accompany you and offer you a lot of room for creativity and your own ideas.

Your field of study:
Due to our broadly diversified technology and company divisions, we offer opportunities for different fields of study - from computer science, electrical engineering to mechanical engineering and business administration.

Duration of the internship:
The duration of your mandatory internship depends on the internship guidelines of your college or university. A basic internship usually lasts 3 to 6 weeks.
A voluntary internship is possible up to a maximum duration of 3 months.

You will receive a payment of 1,200.00 euros per month as part of a mandatory internship or a voluntary internship with a duration of up to 3 months. The remuneration for the basic internship is 550.00 euros per full month. For voluntary internships with a duration of more than 3 months, you will receive remuneration in accordance with the current minimum wage.

You are studying and your head is full of knowledge? The only thing you're missing is practice?
Then don't hesitate to apply for a working student position with us. Working as a student trainee at HIGHVOLT will benefit you in several ways. You will get to know an attractive, internationally active company - with a lot of variety and creative freedom. You will not only enrich your team, but also gain valuable experience for your future career. You take on interesting tasks independently and also improve your bank account.

Your field of study:
Due to our broad technology and corporate divisions, we offer opportunities for different fields of study - from computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering to economics.

Your special advantage:
We flexibly adjust your working hours/working days to your schedule. This makes it easy to combine your studies with practical experience.

Application deadlines:
You can apply for a working student position with us at any time. If there is no suitable position available at the time of your application, your application will still remain active for approximately one to two months so that we can continuously match your profile with any new vacancies that arise.

If you are a working student during your bachelor's degree, you will receive a salary of 16.00 euros per hour. Within a master's program, you will receive 17.50 euros per hour.


You have almost reached your goal and are about to finish your studies? Now all that's missing is the icing on the cake. Show what you are made of!
All you need is a strong partner to support you.
Together with you, we will develop a suitable topic for your thesis. This is the ideal way for you to apply the theoretical knowledge from your studies to concrete topics and issues. In addition to extensive support, you will of course receive plenty of practical assistance and a fair bonus.

Your field of study:
Through our broad technology and business divisions, we offer opportunities for a variety of majors - from computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering to economics.

Duration of thesis:
The duration of your thesis is 5 months for bachelor theses and 6 months for master theses.

If no suitable topic is available at the time of your application, your application will remain active throughout the entire planning period in order to continuously match your profile with newly emerging thesis topics.

You benefit from our attractive remuneration of 3,250.00 euros for bachelor's theses (for 5 months) spread over the months or 4,050.00 euros for master's theses (for 6 months) spread over the months.

Other benefits:
There is the possibility of receiving an additional final bonus of up to 1,000.00 euros.

You want to use the lecture-free time and improve your bank account?
We offer you the opportunity to do a vacation job during your lecture-free time. In addition to appropriate remuneration, exciting tasks and activities await you. You will gain an insight into the day-to-day work of an international company and gain practical experience for your personal development.

If you work during the vacations, you will receive a remuneration of 13.00 euros per hour.

That's what matters:

In addition to your professional competence, your personal values also count.

We are looking for people

  • who have high expectations, also of themselves, and who want to develop continuously
  • who think and act for the long term and also take responsibility
  • who like to break new ground with determination and perseverance
  • who communicate in a respectful, honest and open manner within the team

Simply find the right contact

Julia Mönnich

Contact Person School and University Students

Phone +493518425817

Scan the QR code to save the contact details as a VCF on your smartphone

Everything about your application

Everything about your application

  • Make sure your application is complete and includes a resume, grade summary, and a brief cover letter.
  • A short cover letter with the most important information (What are you looking for? When are you looking for? Which topics are you interested in?) helps us to find the perfect place for you in our company.
  • If you are interested in several advertised positions at the same time, it is sufficient if you apply for one position and briefly refer to the areas that are still of interest to you in the cover letter

How you benefit - Our benefits for students

  1. Work-Life-Balance

    As diverse and individual as our activities are, as flexible are our working time models. You can benefit from flexitime and the option of mobile working by arrangement.

  2. Open Corporate Culture

    At HIGHVOLT you will experience a warm and open corporate culture. We believe in personal contact and dealing at eye level. At HIGHVOLT you are not only one of many, but you are allowed to take responsibility.

  3. Highly Exciting Topic

    As a driver in energy technology, we have set ourselves the goal of securing the world's energy supply and sustainably changing the energy industry of the future. Help us to achieve this!

  4. Satisfaction of our students

    We regularly analyze and evaluate the satisfaction of our students. This pays off. Many stay with us even after their respective jobs.

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