Measurand impulse current

Calibration of impulse current

The measurand impulse current is definied by:

  • Π impulse current peak value
  • T1 front time
  • T2 time to half value

The meaning of the parameters is explaining in following picture.

The name of the impulse current is given by time paramter T1/T2. Actually many of standards require impulse current tests. One of the most important and most usual current wave shape ist the 8/20 µs current wave shape. We extended our accreditation scope with this measurand. Our accredited calibration range is extended up to 200 kA.

Calibration of impulse current measuring systems and components

The impulse current measuring systems are calibrated by comparison measurement against impulse current reference standard. For the measurement a digital recorder can be used which fulfill the requirmement and is calibrated according to ISO/IEC 61083.

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