Solutions for manufacturers of electrical components

Our broad offering of products for high voltage test systems and high current test systemsranges from AC test systems and DC test systems, to impulse voltage test systems, impulse current test systems, and the associated measurement equipment. We thus offer a comprehensive portfolio for testing of transformers, cables, SF6 and air-insulated switchgears, instrument transformers, and arresters. The wide range of applications ranges from routine testing and on-site testing with our mobile systems to special tests. As a provider of complete solutions, HIGHVOLT offers all services from one source, from entire test bays right down to individual systems. In this manner we can guarantee that every detail lives up to our high expectations for quality.

Reliably delivering electricity from the Sahara to the British Isles

The world’s longest subsea power link will soon start to deliver solar electricity from Morocco to the UK. HIGHVOLT was commissioned to build the testing technology required to ensure that the electricity flows reliably through these huge cables.

XXL reactors for XXL cables

With the new high-performance high-voltage reactors from HIGHVOLT, the long extra-high voltage cables used to transport energy over great distances from the point of generation to the consumer can be tested contiguously.

Stress test with Megavolt

Temporary overvoltages can be dangerous for high-voltage DC cables. The new TOV type test can be used to find out whether cables can withstand this stress. HIGHVOLT supplies the appropriate test components for this purpose.

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