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High-voltage testing processes are very complex. For this reason, HIGHVOLT has conducted user training courses on a variety of high-voltage test systems over the years. In addition, the company organizes seminars on the fundamentals of high-voltage technology around the world. Furthermore, customers can also receive assistance when conducting complex tests (application support).

HICADEMY makes complex HV Testing easier.

In view of an increased demand for training courses, HIGHVOLT decided to further expand this offering and established the HICADEMY. Instructors at the HICADEMY train participants by passing along the experiences they have gained over the years, as well as sharing their knowledge and know-how.

What makes HICADEMY courses so special is their combination of theory and practice.

Upcoming HICADEMY Seminars

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HICADEMY - Module 1: Fundamentals of high-voltage test technology - 2024 will be announced soon -

How can HICADEMY help my employees to learn easily and quickly?

How can HICADEMY help my employees to learn easily and quickly?

Our experienced training team leads your employees competently through the HICADEMY seminar. All contents are geared to the specific user group. The number of participants is small, which optimizes the learning progress. The HICADEMY offers several modules so that participants receive effective training to meet their scope of duties. Thereby, complicated information is served in an understandable manner with examples from the field. We are flexible and can bring HICADEMY to your choice of venue and remain available for questions once the training course has been completed. Upon completion of the HICADEMY seminar, all participants receive documentation of the training and a certificate.

Our HICADEMY Modules

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Your company's success depends on your employees and their qualifications

The Quality Management System (ISO 9001) includes employee training as a fixed component. The level of qualifications held by your employees and their regular participation in further training courses contribute to the quality assurance of their performance at work and for products that your company offers.

In order for testing to proceed properly as well as for the results to be evaluated accurately, it is absolutely neccessary that compliance with valid standards (IEC, IEEE, for example) is ensured. For this reason, HICADEMY conducts its training courses bearing in mind the relevant standards.

You will increase reliability and ensure that testing procedures run smoothly when a system is operated by qualified employees. To this end, HICADEMY provides instruction on the principles of physics and their application in terms of test systems and when testing in the field. It means your employees, once qualified, will also be capable of analyzing problematic situations on their own, and if possible resolve them themselves, saving your company both time and money.

The expertise of HICADEMY: knowledge, know-how and experience

HIGHVOLT has manufactured high-voltage test systems and test bay facilities for more than 100 years. As the global market leader, the company also develops, manufactures, installs, and services test systems for medium voltage, high-voltage, and ultra-high voltage equipment such as transformers, cables, and GIS. Further, we are capable of implementing entire test bays including optimization of workflows, safety, and end-to-end control and measurement technology.

HIGHVOLT is an active member of the leading boards, such as Cigre, IEC, IEEE, and VDE, enabling the company to leverage its vast knowledge in terms of standards and test guidelines.

The training team members have access to our experiences gained from more than 100 years in the business and the latest information and knowledge bases and can convey it to participants at HICADEMY in an accessible and practical manner.

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