14 October is World Standards Day!

For 52 years now, this day has served a reminder that standards facilitate cooperation. They provide security, standardize processes, ensure quality, and reduce barriers to trade.

World Standards Day was established in 1970 by ISO, IEC and ITU. It was intended to thank the experts, often working on a voluntary basis, who ensure that standards and norms are introduced and further developed in a wide variety of areas, especially in industry. Even if this is not always immediately obvious, many standards have an influence on our daily lives.

It is estimated that there are over 30,000 DIN standards in Germany and certainly over a hundred thousand worldwide. For HIGHVOLT, the standards from the field of electrical engineering are of particular interest and necessity.

Whether IEC, CIGRE, IEEE or DKE - only those who participate in standardization committees can make a difference! That is why HIGHVOLT's experts have been involved in various working groups for many years, actively shaping the further development of standards, sometimes in a leading role. Over the years, several standards have been co-designed and introduced and further developed in a leading role, for examples IEC 60060-1 to -3, IEC 61083-1 to 4 and IEC 60270.